That’s It

So today was my last official day at Bishop Luffa Sixth Form and it was actually quite sad. The whole year got together to look at a load of old photos, to eat cake and to listen to what some of our favourite teachers had to say about our year – not all good things but all very funny! Over this last week most of my teachers have been really lovely, wishing us all the best in the future, and there are just a few things that they’ve said that I wanted to share:

1) “Do everything you do because it makes you happy and not because you feel like you have to” – My English Literature teacher, I loved this because I know that she has stemmed this knowledge from her past experiences and is learning, alongside us students, that this is crucial in leading the life you want for yourself and others around you.

2) “You know more of what you want than you think you do” – Okay, this one was my Mum, but it really did comfort me when I was having a bit of a blip regarding university and beyond. Sometimes I get really freaked out about it all but this opened my eyes to the confidence I do demonstrate from time to time and reassured me never to be that worried about diving into something new.

3) “You’ve proved to me and yourself that you do know it” – My Theology teacher, this is very similar to the previous quote but my teacher said this after I had expressed, admittedly very tongue in cheek, concern about my upcoming exam and how I feel like I don’t know enough to get me through. I am always half joking when I say I don’t know anything at all, but she has always been able to see that there is a little bit of me that’s actually very serious and worried. I don’t always like it when she gets firm and open with my feelings, but I do appreciate it.

4) “Get a good education, kids, it will take you around the world. That’s what it did for me.” – My History teacher, and this was probably my favourite because he really is a fantastic teacher and a very funny man but he never really lets you delve any deeper than his ‘teacher-mode’ to see the everyday man behind his profession – obviously an intentional choice. But he said this  with such sincerity and we all understood that he really did want us all to do well for ourselves. His captivated interest in history has always amazed me and his urge for us to travel the world seemed so beautiful so I loved this moment in class.

So there we have it! My teachers’ final words of wisdom for everyone to enjoy.

All I need to do now is actually pass the exams.


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