Weekend Work Worries

Alongside studying for my A levels, I also have a part-time job. I live next to a big holiday park in Selsey and work in one of the local shops there. Its an okay job…definitely better than the awful waitressing job I had a year ago! The rest of the staff are really nice and often ask about Sixth Form and my exams and things but sometimes I really don’t think they understand how much pressure it can put you under.

Recently I’ve tried to tell my manager that I can’t work as much because I have to study and he still has me working the whole bank holiday weekend anyway – ten hours a day! I know its good for money and they keep telling me I should do it for the money, but they don’t seem to appreciate that I only really wanted a small Saturday job on the side and instead I’m working nearly full-time.

Some of them, a lot of the time, are also moaning at me when I say I’m tired; “Stop complaining. At least you haven’t been at work all week!” They forget that, because they don’t see me throughout the week, I actually do go to sixth form EVERYDAY. I think they assume I’m sitting around doing nothing all week and somehow cheating them, so they always act a little suspicious and I don’t think that’s fair.

I’m putting it mainly down to the fact that, to be the manager of a local Nisa Store, one does not have to have passed many exams and, therefore, these guys might not fully get how much of your time and energy it can take, I guess. But it just bothers me how, when I ask to work less, they still try to almost guilt trip me into working more hours to suit their needs.

I’m sure this is a situation faced by many students and it would be interesting to see if anyone else has had any similar experiences with their part-time jobs while studying and if or how they have overcome any problems they’ve faced.


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