Remembering Victoria Wood

Victoria WoodIt is a week today since the great Victoria Wood sadly passed away and I wanted to do a little post as a sort of tribute. I hope this sits well with everybody as she truly is one of my favourite comedians and I adore her body of work.  Her wit and intelligence just made everything that she created so brilliantly funny! And as probably the leading figure in progressing women within the British comedy scene, I think that she really is someone to be inspired by and learn from.

Wood started to become a household name in the early eighties with her hilarious sketches that often included her part-time comedy partner, Julie Walters. Her creations such as the famous “Two Soups” sketch and the character of Mrs Overall are obvious examples of Wood’s brilliance and generosity when writing. And when she’s acting within the sketches, they’re even better!

Her comedy then developed from sketches to longer TV films, such as Pam and Margaret, a play about two long lost sisters coming together again after living very different lifestyles. Wood’s work is always funny, but also holds so much depth in the often poignant undercurrent to her comedy.

DinnerladiesOne of my absolute favourite Victoria Wood creations is Dinnerladies, which was first broadcast in 1998. Written and starred in by Wood, the script was jam packed full of laughs for the nearly all-female cast every episode, whilst also expertly including some sadder themes that only added to the shows complexity. It focuses on a group of women running a canteen for a factory and everything we find out about the characters is all through that one setting of the workplace. The two series are both available on YouTube and I really urge people to watch it if you haven’t already.

Wood was a diverse performer and proved that there was nothing she couldn’t do within her field. As well as her television shows she also did stand up shows live and this is how people came to realise another one of her talents – writing songs. She is famous for her beautifully written music and side stitching lyrics.

Victoria Wood PoutThis is probably the first “celebrity death” that has actually really saddened me as I’ve always loved enjoying Victoria Wood’s material and she represents the panicle of achievement as a woman in the area of work I’m very interested in and would love to be a part of. She has always made me laugh whenever I watch her shows and I’m not about to let her stop.



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